About DoggEd

DoggEd is run by a certified professional dog trainer in the Bay area, California. My clients live all over the Unites States and internationally. In a nutshell, we teach your dog good behavior through quick 3-minute games!


Dogs and people learn best when they are playing games and having fun. So why shouldn’t dog training be fun and games?

Dogs have the mental capabilities of a 2-3 year old child. Dogs learn concepts that make them well-behaved quickly and easily with 3-minute games.


DoggEd was founded by me, Dr. Mayuri Kerr. I am a dentist, biomedical engineer and certified professional dog trainer in the Bay area of California. I currently work in the biotech industry and also own and run DoggEd.

My focus is on building your relationship with your dog to the strong bond that you’ve always wanted and converting your struggles into strengths through simple 3-minute games that you and your dog will love.

I believe that no dog-person relationship is truly lost and there is no dog-person relationship that cannot be healed through the power of games.

If you have tried different things and nothing has quite helped, I hope to change that picture for you.

Dr. Mayuri Kerr - DoggEd LLC - Certified professional dog trainer in Orange county

Continued Education and Training

  • ClickerExpo 2018, Irvine, California
  • Ian Dunbar’s growl class, online, 2018
  • ClickerExpo 2019, Portland, Oregon
  • Jean Donaldson’s Dog Training 101, 2019
  • Absolute Dogs, Pro Dog Trainer and Pro Dog Trainer Geek, 2019
  • Yvette Van Veen’s ‘Learn How to Help the Fearful Dog’, online webinar, 2019
  • Jean Donaldson’s ‘When Theory Collides with Reality in Pet Dog Training’, online webinar, 2020
  • Ken Ramirez’s week-long workshop ‘Training for professionals across species’, March 2020
  • Absolute Dogs Pro Dog Trainer’s Club for ongoing continuing education (2019 onwards)
  • Aggressive dog conference, Oct 2-4 2020
  • Slow Thinking is lifesaving for dogs, 2021
  • Control Unleashed conference, 2021
  • The Great Big Dog Aggression Workshop Part II: Meds, Moods and Modification 2021
  • International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC) – Accredited Dog Trainer, 2022

When someone says there is no hope for a dog it is simply that they have exhausted their skill set…

Dr. Tom Mitchell, Veterinarian, behaviorist and trainer, Absolute Dogs co-founder

What’s a dentist/biomedical researcher doing training dogs? Why I became a certified professional dog trainer…

As a published scientist, I was shocked at how little of the behavior science being published about animals in general, and dogs in particular, was being used to actually train dogs. Some dog trainers seemed to prescribe to methods that had no scientific basis nor supporting evidence and were hurting dog-guardian relationships.

I completed the Karen Pryor Academy’s ‘Dog Trainer Foundations’ program in November 2015. It enabled me to help dogs while I volunteered for two years at the West LA city shelter and saw how much positive reinforcement techniques enhance the lives of dogs.

My true quest to become a dog trainer though, began when I rescued my current dog, Rosie. I adopted her from the Labs and Friends rescue organization (who had pulled her from the West LA shelter) in March 2016 with a host of issues and nothing I seemed to do was working.

  • Rosie did not know how to walk on a leash and pulled like a train
  • Growled and barked at my husband on a daily basis if he came anywhere near me. In fact, for a month after I got her from the shelter, I had to keep her in her kennel when he came home from work
  • We did not have visitors for almost two years after we adopted her because she would become terrified and ping pong between hiding, and running up barking at them to get them to leave
  • She barked and lunged at walkers, joggers, bikers, skateboarders, strollers, toddlers (!), people with jackets, backpacks, hats, large shoes, umbrellas, canes, or who spoke loudly or who said hello to her
  • Snapped at people who pet her, even though she would walk up to them asking for pets!
  • She was terrified of being handled, just holding her paw meant that she either screamed like she was being tortured, or ran away and hid
  • Other dogs worried her immensely after she was attacked by a large dog
  • Chased squirrels, cats, birds, insects, bunnies, toddlers (!)
  • She did not listen when we went outside the house and went crazy if she saw anything exciting/scary/out of the ordinary
  • If she heard loud noises, which included things like the sound of cutlery or pots and pans, it would send her into panicked fits of growling, barking and then hiding
  • She barked at noises we could not hear, barked when she wanted something, barked at anything she deemed out of place, barked, barked, barked …

Do any of the above struggles sound like something your dog has?

Some trainers I spoke to recommended I put a shock collar on her! But dogs have the mental faculties of a 2-3 year old. There is enough scientific evidence to show that positive reinforcement techniques work really well for a happy, engaged dog and do not have the detrimental effects of punishment training.

Also, I had learned an important lesson early in life – Punishment does not tell the dog what to do!

Other trainers said, use treats, and it worked well for most things. She learned a bunch of new tricks and was generally a good dog at home, but some behavior issues never got resolved, like barking and lunging at my husband on a daily basis and walks being complete nightmares.

Concept Training

Then I learned Concept Training from Absolute Dogs which helps the dog learn concepts like Calmness, Independence, Optimism, Focus, Tolerance of Frustration, etc. I teach these concepts through quick 3 min games! It began solving her behavior issues and making her a much calmer, confident dog. Here is Dr. Tom Mitchell’s excellent book on the subject.

I completed the evidence-based, Pro Dog Trainer curriculum, from Absolute Dogs and got my certification as a professional dog trainer.

Recently, I also completed their behavior science and research-based program, Pro Dog Trainer Geek. While I initially did these programs just to help my dog, the knowledge I gained from these programs was too powerful not to share. With that intent, I started DoggEd LLC as a certified professional dog trainer in Orange county to help people and their dogs achieve real life results.

I am also a proud professional member of the Pet Professionals Guild (PPG). PPG is the only professional pet industry member association that advocates for results-based, science-based, force-free dog training and care. PPG evaluates each potential member before membership to PPG is granted. I am also a member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC).

I recently completed a course in Canine Fear from Canine Principles which covers how fear can affect dogs and how we can help a dog who is suffering with fear of one specific thing or general fearfulness.

When we put the animal’s needs first, and use positive reinforcement to achieve training goals, the result is a healthy and happy animal… Instead of an animal forced to do a job, you have an animal excited to play a game.

Ken Ramirez, The Eye of the Trainer, 2020

I love to learn and am constantly updating my knowledge by attending seminars and conferences about animal training to learn newer techniques and to keep up with the latest science in the field. Here are some of the conferences I have attended and CE courses I have done recently –

If you would like to read more about what influenced my decision to become a certified professional dog trainer, read more here.