SmartPuppy program – 8 weeks

Indra, one of our SmartPuppy graduates
Photo credit A. Patel
The program for cool pups from ages 8 weeks to 6 months!

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Want your puppy to grow into an engaged, confident adult dog, and prevent problems like resource guarding, excessive barking, mouthing, aggressive behavior?

THIS is the course for you!

  • Did you just add a new member to your family or have you had a pup for a while and just not sure if something you are seeing is a phase or an early warning for a problem later on?
  • Is this just puppy biting or aggression?
  • Why does my puppy keep having accidents in the house?
  • Why can’t my puppy walk nicely on a leash?
  • Does she even know her name? Or is she already learning to ignore me?
  • How do I train my puppy to not jump on guests?
  • Will my puppy ever listen to me outdoors?
  • He’s begging at the dinner table and stealing food off counters! What do I do?

If you would like answers to all these questions, this is the course for you!

At DoggEd, we love puppies! The SmartPuppy program is designed to develop a dog that can handle life as it comes. The sessions are modified based on your puppy’s strengths and weaknesses but you will have all the tools and strategies to help you through common puppy issues like toilet training, crate training, teaching the dog to go to place, household manners, easy walks, and dealing with scary things like motorbikes, thunder and plastic bags that fly across the street.

These sessions are tailored to your and your pup’s needs.

The puppy program includes weekly check-in calls and ongoing, unlimited feedback and support over email, phone and text.