Reviews from clients

I can't say enough good things about Mayuri and this program and how my dog and I have grown! I'd taken my dog, Baxter, to a few training programs before this one with no luck in making things better. He's food/dog/child reactive and I just figured he was going to be that way forever and i'd have to alter everything to make it work. I found Mayuri from DoggEd and after talking to her could tell she genuinely loves what she does. I only saw a few reviews, but took a chance because she explained things so well just in our consultation call. After working with her for a few months, i'm seeing so many changes in Baxter that I still get shocked! She's helped me with his impulse control and attachment issues, and his reactivity is melting away! He's more comfortable around children, doesn't get overly excited when he sees a dog, and stopped snapping at other dogs when there was food or treats around! The best part about her program is that you don't have to constantly expose your dog to their trigger to see progress (which you can't always afford to do if it's dangerous). Please consider doing this program for your dog, I can tell he's happier and way more at ease and so am I!!


Jennifer S.


Koda is fear reactive to people he does not know; especially to those he does not know on our property and specifically inside our home. He is not the type of dog that will come running up to someone he does not know and is not a happy go lucky pup with people. He bit several people last year after he turned 9 months old and just obtained his CGC! Literally one week after he obtained his Canine Good Citizen, he bit a friend of mine. I was mortified! Then he bit our grandkids and the worse part he bit a pizza delivery driver late last December which sent the delivery driver to the hospital! We did not know what we were going to do. All I could do was cry.


We contacted Mayuri Kerr late last winter. I must say, when we found Mayuri, my husband and I hit the jackpot! Mayuri has changed our entire outlook on what Koda has been going through. She helped us to understand through training and positive reinforcement by educational games that we too could help Koda.


Mayuri’s training, her love for our Koda, the games we have played and the knowledge she has shared has changed our Koda Bear and family’s life over and over!! We understand, there still will be moments and days that may be difficult for Koda. He has anxiety disorder and startle syndrome. We have worked every moment we can to help him through Mayuri’s guidance and I cannot believe the freedoms we are experiencing and to especially see Koda with confidence and less fear. Those baby steps are turning into bigger steps and the rewards are beyond endless! There are angels who have hope!! Mayuri you are our Angel!!! Thank you so very much!!!


Lori D.

New York

We came to Mayuri when we were near the end of our rope. We had adopted our pup from a rescue when he was 8 weeks old and by the time we had our consultation with Mayuri, he was about 20 months old, had become reactive (barking, lunging, raised hackles) to all people, dogs and was generally very difficult for us to manage. We had a very hard time taking him on walks. He also didn’t know how to calm down and sleep if he wasn’t in his crate so when he was out, we would have to give him 100% attention. Taking care of him and keeping him occupied used to consume 5-6 hours of my days. From the initial consultation, Mayuri was very engaged in trying to decipher how to help both me as a guardian and my dog work towards the life that we wanted. She has a wealth of knowledge and is very committed to helping in any way she can. She’s quick to respond and has great insights into what is going on and the course of action to work towards the desired outcomes. Mayuri helped us hone in on the key concepts and training games that would help our dog become the well mannered dog we always hoped he would be. We learned a lot about his behavior and general personality being anxious, noise and movement sensitive and generally fearful. After working with Mayuri for the last several months, we have seen significant improvement. He is calmer in general and walks are more manageable. He is working towards being more comfortable in new situations and has a higher tolerance towards things that used to set him off. It is still a work in progress but we have both definitely come a long way. Mayuri is a trainer that truly cares to see you and your dog succeed and has given us the tools to help continue to see positive growth for our dog!


Kevin W.


Mayuri was wonderful to work with; a great sense of humour, clear examples, an innate understanding of the struggle she was helping me with. The videos Mayuri shared of her working with her dogs were very helpful (and sometimes funny!). Mayuri is a real person with real dogs which is so nice to see. I am a dog trainer myself but Mayuri helped me to see things from a different perspective and at no time did I feel less of a trainer for having consulted with her. Her remote training style worked really well and I feel I’m on the right track for resolving my dog training struggle. I highly recommend training with Mayuri whether you’re a first time dog owner or a dog trainer yourself.


Emma B.


I can't recommend Mayuri at DoggEd enough. She's seen it all and learned from it over the many years of studying and working with dogs. She helped us understand dog psychology in such a way that reframed the concept of traditional 'dog training', and introduced us to games that helped us build stronger relationships with our dogs, Brisket and Nugget. We've seen both of our dogs flourish and become more confident and comfortable in their own home and beyond the doors of the exciting outside world. Thank you Mayuri!


Jolie D.

California, USA

Our dog developed significant leash reactivity after he was attacked and bitten by a dog. We had tried some other positive reinforcement trainers who had lower levels of certification/education, but this problem was beyond their capabilities and we thought our next step was going to have to be a shock collar. I decided to give one more positive reinforcement trainer a try, and that's when I found Mayuri (on the IAABC trainer directory).

I thought I knew a lot about dog training back then. I've raised multiple puppies, I compete in dog sports, and I've trained my dog to an Expert Trick Dog title. But Mayuri has taught me so much more since we started working together. I worked with her for 6 months and although my dog is still reactive, the severity is not even 10% as bad as what it used to be, and I am equipped with the skills I need to continue working on reducing that.

The one downside I will mention is that Mayuri is very busy; if you're someone who has a highly variable schedule and may need to reschedule often or schedule with less than a month's notice, that could be difficult for you.



California, USA

Mayuri has been so wonderful to work with and has taught me so much! She has really helped me understand my very anxious dog, who I adopted 9 years ago. The games that she teaches are fun and engaging, and have helped me to understand how dogs think. Through working with her I feel like I am much more intuned with my dog and more empathetic. I highly recommend working with her!


Kristy H.

California, USA

Mayuri has changed our lives for the better. We had tried so many trainers and methods to address her dog reactivity and never saw significant improvement until now.

Yes, the games work and our dog doesn't act out like she used to, but more importantly we understand her so much more than we used to and our relationship with her is better because we are addressing her anxiety instead of her reaction. It really flipped a switch for us to feel like we're working WITH her instead of against her. It doesn't feel like we're speaking different languages anymore.

When we started with Mayuri, every walk was stressful. We took Indy out to sparsely trafficked parks and pubs where we were unlikely to see other dogs because one encounter could ruin the whole thing. And we did it pretty rarely because it was anxiety-inducing for all of us.

Now Indy hikes regularly in parks with many dogs, goes on pack walks to support a local dog rescue, goes to work at my partner's dog-friendly office, and plays with the puppies we foster. (We never would have dreamed of fostering puppies before because she was too unpredictable with other dogs.)

She's not perfect, but when something goes wrong, we are confident in how to address it and we know how to figure out what caused it so we can work on it for next time.

Mayuri's training is all about helping your dog understand and react to the world in a different way instead of just stopping a behavior, so you don't just see results in the specific area you wanted to address--you can see their whole demeanor change and watch them translate what they've learned to other areas of life. It's really fascinating and empowering to learn how to give your dog tools, not just cues or commands.

I would work with Mayuri again in a heartbeat, but even if I never do, every interaction I have with a dog will benefit from what I've learned from her.


Carrie Y.

California, USA

If you’re looking for a seasoned and brilliant professional, with a heart of gold and compassion for your fur baby, there is no one more qualified, kind, patient and successful as Dr. Kerr. She is a professionally trained and certified dog trainer/educator and keenly understands dog behavior and what they truly need to succeed and be happy. I can tell you from the moment that we started working with her, our pet felt less anxious, was less picky, was more attentive, less scared of her crate, more empowered and behaved much better in all situations. Dr. Kerr respects each and every animal she works with. She teaches their companions on how best to support them and help them make good decisions. Shes does this using games and only positive reinforcement. She’s always there to answer questions and provide clarification and provides resources to support you along your journey. I have not found anyone more caring and understanding.


Viji N.

California, USA

Mayuri is awesome! She helped my abused, fearful and aggressive dog. Riley slowly gained confidence from regular games and she became the dog who barked all day to the dog who learned to relax, take naps and the most important go for walks again while disengaging from the humans made sounds, people, other dogs in the park. She has helped us at each and every step and specially when there a setback and you feel discouraged she will lift your spirits up and will get you back on track. I see night and day difference in my dog all thanks to Mayuri


Rupali D.

California USA


DoggEd was essential to training my new Australian Shepard puppy. I got Indra in April during a period of isolation and had never had a dog before. I was nervous about how to handle his training including house training, calmness and basic cues such as come and leave it. Mayuri was great at assessing the situation by zoom and provided me with tips before Indy even arrived. After he got here, she would observe us interact over zoom. Our sessions started with a summary of challenges i faced and then Mayuri taught me games to play with my pup to over come them. I was surprised that training could be make into a game since many of the youtube videos rely on more structured activities. The early games helped Indra learn his name and also taught self control at an early age. This early training has paid dividends now as i’m able to recall my 8 month old puppy in high distraction environments and take him to most places without worrying about barking or other challenging behaviors. I highly recommend DoggEd and Mayuri will continue to support you by text or email as your dog grows. Even a few sessions will help any dog parent understand how to utilize games to improve communication and emotional management. I’m very glad I have her support to train my young pup!


Anik P.

California USA


I highly recommend DoggEd and Mayuri as a dog trainer. I have used her services for my 2 dogs and they very much enjoy the training games. Mayuri is passionate about dogs and has the best interest of her clients and their dogs at heart at all times. She is kind and patient. Her training approach is fun and she is very good at explaining the reasoning behind each game. During the initial session, she gathers a comprehensive list of the dog's routine, any issues and behaviours and then sets up a plan with the client explaining how the different games can address each issue. She also follows up several times after the first session to check on progress and if there any further questions. I have known Mayuri for a few years and I have seen her dog Rosie transform and thrive with her approach. I wish her much success in her dog training career.


Audrey J.



I have a very high energy, sweet boy. I have had so many challenges with him including separation anxiety and a huge issue with fighting with another dog on our property. It is easy to say that he has been the biggest challenge I have ever had in the way of training. I am so grateful for Mayuri Kerr and DoggEd. Talking to her has really helped me not only put things in perspective but also come up with realistic plans to help with our struggles. I know our journey will be slow but Mayuri has provided me with all the continued support I can ask for. Thank you so much!


Nona L.

Arizona, USA


If you're looking for a caring and compassionate trainer, look no further. I have known Dr. Mayuri Kerr for years and she has helped guide my golden doodle through his puppy years into early adulthood. Mayuri's background and education shows through when it comes to positive reinforcement training. I was impressed from the first session as to how my puppy responded to her guidance. She has made learning fun for us and I would recommend her to anyone looking to train their dog through positivity and patience.


Sia A.

California, USA


I don’t want to sound like I’m over hyping anything but what I have learned from Mayuri at DoggEd has been life changing. I have a large, very energetic, 2 year old, Belgian Malinois. I had taken her to different “high end” in person trainers over the last 2 years but they don’t discuss what Mayuri does. Not even close. They don’t get down to the root of the issues either. They often will cover up issues with more obedience training. Mayuri has an extremely balanced approach. You can tell immediately she knows what she is doing. Recommending DoggEd is a total no brainer now. I’ll admit I was nervous about virtual sessions since I had always done in person training. But I am so glad to be doing this remotely because it really enables me to learn the skills Mayuri teaches on a deeper level than I have experienced in the past. My dog Rebel absolutely loves all the training games and they really work! I can see my dogs behavior getting better as she gets better at the games. I’m so grateful to have had the experience to work with DoggEd. Mayuri is also EXTREMELY quick to reply and troubleshoot any issues I have. I can send her a text/video anytime between sessions and she always knows what to do. I know for a 100% fact I couldn’t have learned what I learned from DoggEd anywhere else! Thank you so much!!


James S.

Illinois, USA

I found Dr. Mayuri on one of my rescue Facebook pages during the pandemic. What a blessing that was. It doesn’t matter that we are across the country from each other Dr Mayuri has been utilizing zoom, Facebook, e-materials and other communication that I am still getting training and not physically being in the same location. She was extremely easy to talk to and non judgmental. She truly understands the dog and it was one of the most comforting conversations. She listened and accessed and gave me multiple ideas and techniques to try. She showed me with her dog the games so I can visually see them. Also, each technique really made sense to my and my dog’s situation. I have been practicing these techniques and can’t wait to see our progress. Since our initial session Dr. Mayuri has been in continuous contact with myself and is one of Gracie’s biggest fans. Her methods are fun and my dog does seem to catch onto these games. I also feel since our initial session I understand my dog and can help her better. I 100% recommend Dr. Mayuri and DoggEd.


Alexis M.

Florida, USA

Recommending Dr Mayuri Kerr is an absolute no brainer. I have known Mayuri since high school and have valued her opinion ever since. We got an 8 week Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy about a year and half ago. Being a new dog owner is being like a first time parent. We thought we could wing it but our pup Nala had a mind of her own. She is a strong, large breed loving but with a mind of her own. At 6 months old, Nala already weighed close to 50 lbs and was strong as a horse. She had a tendency to get excited at the littlest thing and her default response was to start zooming, running straight at and into us followed by biting. My arms and legs were badly bruised! These were the worst few months with her, and we were often reduced to tears especially my little ones. There was a day when Nala got excited on a routine 15 minute walk slipped put of her leash, made me fall to the ground and then proceeded to bite my shirt and rip it. Embarrassment, frustration, fear, anger all the possible negative emotions were running strong though me. Had Mayuri not calmly walked us through Nala’s psychology, stopped our walks completely, changed our harness to a gentle leader leash and helped us focus our games towards building a dimmer switch in Nala, we would have given her up for sure. People at work often boast about how they sent their dogs to a 2 week off leash walking program and now the dog apparently magically walks rt by their side without pulling at their leash barking etc. However close questioning will reveal the use of vibration/shock collar or negative reinforcements with other behavioral issues in the dog. Every single time I have run into a problem, Mayuri has been there with detailed explanations, prompt responses to my texts or emails and spot on advice. I have often joked to Mayuri that I have used her disengagement games to get my kids away from their screens :-). If you need a dog trainer, look no further!!


Ajita D.

California, USA

Minnie - Maltipoo puppy, we got her when she was 7 weeks & today she’s 8 months fully trained responsible, smart & independent Dog. Thank you to DoggEd Mayuri Kerr for helping us train Minnie. Me & my husband are first time Dog owners we had absolutely no training & no knowledge before on how to manage a Dog. Some history I personally was very scared of Dogs, I had couple of street dogs had bit me when I was a kid in India so I was extremely scared of dog never thought I would have a dog of my own. But I was willing to try Minnie for my son, since he desperately wanted a dog. We heard about DoggEd from one of our friends they had a good experience training their dog so we decided to give it a try for Minnie. We really enjoyed all the sessions of DoggEd, we really liked the games that were taught on how to train your dog, how to give positive reinforcements, how to engage your dog strategically, it gave us a peace of mind that every time we had concerns we had someone to go to. Mayuri was our go to person, an expert who would very patiently answer all our questions & concerns. We are very happy with our experience & would strongly recommend DoggEd to all the Dog owners out there to train your Dog into a smart & independent Dog.


Sneha J.

California, USA