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Dr. Mayuri Kerr is a professional dog behavior coach based in Northern California. She is an Accredited Dog Trainer with the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants and an Absolute Dogs Pro Dog Trainer.

Dr. Mayuri Kerr is also a dentist and biomedical engineer who works and consults as a Clinical Affairs expert in the medical and dental device industry. If you came here looking for that information, please find her LinkedIn profile here.

Dr. Kerr specializes in using reward-based techniques to help families with dogs that are often described as reactive, aggressive, anxious, fearful, shy, noise-sensitive or shutdown. In addition, she has a SmartPuppy Program that helps you grow puppies into smart, confident dogs.

Our mission is to make the world a happier place, one dog at a time!

  • Does your dog bark a lot, pull like crazy, or have accidents in the home?
  • Does your dog know basic obedience like sit, stay, come, but still have behavior issues?
  • Are you concerned your dog is showing signs of aggression?
  • Have you tried other training methods and group classes and trainers and nothing has quite worked for you and your pup?
  • Would you like a training solution that is FUN and gives you REAL LIFE results?

You are in the right place!

At DoggEd, we focus on the science of building your relationship with your dog to the strong bond that you’ve always wanted through simple 3-minute games. Even if you feel like you have tried everything before, in working with us, you will get deep insights into dog behavior that will change the course of your training and your dog’s learning.


This dog worried about workers in the backyard. Despite the work going on for months, he never got used to them. We used games-based reward training and this is the result! #rewardbasedtraining #trainingwithgames #certifieddogtrainersoftiktok #absolutedogsgames

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We teach dogs good behavior through games and play! This is concept training for dogs, giving them a valuable foundation to navigate through life.

SmartPuppy Program

Do you have or are you planning to add a new puppy to the family?
Would you like clear answers amidst all the confusion there is about dog training everywhere?
What works, what doesn’t, even worse… what backfires and causes problems?
Would you like to prevent dog-aggression, human-aggression, resource guarding?

The SmartPuppy program cuts through the confusion and straight to the chase of helping build a loving, trusting relationship with your new puppy and a happy, confident, well-behaved dog. This program has all the tools and strategies to set you up for success and not just tackle but prevent severe behavioral issues later in life. This isn’t a cookie cutter course but a tailor-made program designed to meet your expectations and your pup’s needs.

Chaotic to Calm Program

Are walks a nightmare? Do you dread having visitors or your dog seeing other dogs?
Has your dog seriously made you consider if you are the right guardian or the right family for them?
Is your dog a total sweetheart but high-strung, anxious and unable to cope with life?
Would you like a way out of the feelings of inadequacy you sometimes have as a dog guardian? Or the feeling of being judged by other dog guardians or even friends and family?

The Chaotic to Calm Program changes the game by going to the root of all the issues you are experiencing and finding games and strategies that work for you and your dog. This tailor-made program takes into account your needs as well as your dogs and helps them feel comfortable, safe and understood.

All the training is evidence-based (meaning based on our current scientific understanding of behavior science), fear-free and pain-free. Our tools are food, treats, toys, games and lots of fun!

Concept training for dogs is evidence-based, backed by science and you have the guidance of a certified dog trainer every step of the way! Dogs learn concepts like calmness, optimism, focus, confidence, impulse control, flexibility, tolerance of frustration, and develop the ability to listen regardless of what is happening around them through games-based training that is fun for the dogs and fun for their guardians!

DoggEd LLC was started with the intent of helping people and their dogs transform their struggles and achieve real life results!

Why reward-based training?
Please see below for a statement from the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior with a bibliography of several supporting scientific papers