Well-behaved dogs with a few minutes of play!

Who we are

Dr. Mayuri Kerr is a certified professional dog trainer based in California. She specializes in helping dogs with behavioral issues and raising puppies to be great family members and companions. All training is done with games and play!


Regardless of breed, age or origin, all dogs learn through fun, reward-based techniques

  • Does your dog bark a lot, pull like crazy, or have accidents in the home?

  • Does your dog know sit, stay, come, but still have behavior issues?

  • Are you concerned your dog is showing signs of aggression?

  • Have you tried other training methods and group classes and trainers and nothing has quite worked for you and your pup?

  • Would you like a training solution that is FUN and gives you REAL LIFE results?

You are in the right place!

We teach dogs good behavior through games and play! This is concept training for dogs, helping dogws think through situations and make better choices giving them a valuable foundation to navigate through life.


My clients live all over the Unites States and the world (Australia, Germany, UK, India, Canada, Ireland).


If you have 15 minutes every day to train your dog, you will have a well-behaved dog!