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We are currently only conducting training sessions online. To keep our clients and their families safe NO in-person sessions are being conducted. Online training sessions work really well for puppies and adult dogs. They work especially well for dogs that have difficulty with strangers as they do not have to deal with a new person in the home.

SmartPuppy Program

The 8 week program with step-by-step directions and personalized support that takes your pup from rookie to rockstar!

Reactive Dog Resolution

Wonderful Walks!

To the Rescue!

Q. What kind of dogs/problems/ages/breeds do you train?

We are available to help you with every kind of behavior struggledifficult walks, aggressive behavior, reactivity to people/other dogs, breed-specific issues to name a few. Our certified professional dog trainers will help you understand why we may be seeing the issue, give you an in-depth training plan and demonstrate games to help you and the dog overcome those struggles. No matter their age, breed or problem.

Dr. Mayuri Kerr specializes in helping get transformational results with shelter/rescue/foster dogs and problem dogs, even dogs that everyone else has given up on.

Whatever the age of your dog, whether you are looking to solve a behavior struggle, or to simply enrich your dog’s life and your relationship with them, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Q. What if I don’t live near your business / am in another country?

If you are not local to or around Orange county, California, Dr. Mayuri Kerr also does online video conference training sessions that are recorded and sent to you. This way you can continue to refer to the training plan and the games that will be demonstrated during the call. That way, no matter where you are DoggEd can help you!